Burning on a Sea of Ghosts..... SOLO REQUINTO GUITAR

Composed for solo requinto guitar; a small short scale instrument traditionally used in South American trios, “Burning on a Sea of Ghost” is the latest project by composer and guitarist Craig Green.  



Recorded in Box England, Wilshire at the famous Real World Studios, in the 200 year old mill section dubbed the Wood Room. The recording, written in 3 parts was meticulously recorded, documented and captured in every detail: from the creaking of the mill, birds flying through rafters and the spring rain falling on the roof.   



Engineered by: Patrick Phillips, Real World Studios, England


Mastered by: Tim Fitzgerald, Cork Ireland

Photos: York Tillyer



Guitarist Craig Green and Drummer David King create hypnotic and twisted sound in this stunning duo performance. Sharp sounds, cool grooves and lush abstract landscapes. Where one musician starts and other other leaves off is totally up to the listener.

Craig Green - Guitars / Live Processing
Dave King - Drums / Toys / Piano / Vibes


Pada Yatra was formed by guitarist/Oud player Craig Green with gobal percussionist George Grant. The group dedicated to the exploration of ethnic sounds in a contemporary context.  

Craig Green - Electric-Acoustic Guitar / Electronics + Oud
George Grant - Tabla / Frame Drum/ Voice


Music composed for three or more musicians pushing the limits between improvisation and composition in a ensemble format.

Craig Green - Composer/Ensemble director