Craig does take students for individual and group instruction in the following:

1. Begining thru advanced guitar studies 

2. The practice of ear training/theory and composition

3. Rhythm concepts and improvisational techniques

4. Coaching in the art of defining and developing ones personal artistic vision

Study is available in person or online through Skype. 

If you have an interest in this, please send me an email via the contact page. Just a few thoughts on the topic:

The idea and premise behind studying is that the very process of learning the instrument should be filled with creative exploration and self discovery. It is my personal belief and experience that every one of us regardless of age, background or education has the potential to be an exceptional player reaching our highest personal potential on the instrument and becoming our best self through the process.

By our very own nature and design we have the innate ability to :

1. learn (analyze)

2. problem solve (deconstruct )

3. improve (re-map)

Through applying this very process we are able to design our own unique method.
In the past 20 years through my formal study with various musicians from around the world and in my own personal self-study, one consistent cause has become evident. Though there can be numerous routes to popular success, the one consistent path to creative success on our instrument remains clear. To develope the courage and ability to communicate musically through our own voice and the journey not the destination which it holds.

My goal with lessons/coaching is to not only try offer new ways of thinking and method design. It is my also my intent to give very actionable tasks that will allow each person to apply the concepts mentioned to whichever area and level they currently identify with. Have fun and explore!